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Fungsi Minda 07.08.18

07.08.2018 8.30-10.30 pagi   

Pengenalan kepada Fungsi Minda (Puan Juwairiyah Jaafar, INTAN)

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Based on Sigmund Freud Theory 
We have ....


According to Freud, there are three levels of consciousness:
  • conscious (small): this is the part of the mind that holds what youre aware of. You can verablize about your conscious experience and you can think about it in a logical fashion.

  • preconscious (small-medium): this is ordinary memory. So although things stored here arent in the conscious, they can be readily brought into conscious.

  • unconscious (enormous): Freud felt that this part of the mind was not directly accessible to awareness. In part, he saw it as a dump box for urges, feelings and ideas  that are tied to anxiety, conflict and pain. These feelings and thoughts have not disappeared and according to Freud, they are there, exerting influence on our actions and our conscious awareness.  This is where most of the work of the Id, Ego, and Superego take place.

Material passes easily back and forth between the conscious and the preconscious. Material from these two areas can slip into the unconscious. Truly unconscious material cant be made available voluntarily, according to Freud. You need a psychoanalyst to do this!

Iceberg metaphor for the minds layout:

We can use the metaphor of an iceberg to help us in understanding Freud's topographical theory.

  • Only 10% of an iceberg is visible (conscious) whereas the other 90% is beneath the water (preconscious and unconscious).

  • The Preconscious is allotted approximately 10% -15% whereas the Unconscious is allotted an overwhelming 75%-80%. 

    Thus we need to unleashed the 'unconcius level' in us thru meditation(for non-muslim), solat for muslim; as there are time we have experienced real dream, deja vu ...

    We are to take care of our cerebellum, brain stem, and the brain 

    The more neurons we have the better we remember, to improve neuronsdo lots of reading and less television as the neurons will die off

    Minda adalah satu set keupayaan kongnitif

    Interested to know whether you are left brain right brain go to

    How did Howard Gardner came out with this idea?

    He was on a holiday to Genoa, Italy where he stayed in a village and found out that everyone was living in harmony. The community was brought-up in close-knit and close ties. Everyone is helping each other, which is what we are lacking know even at the workplace.

    Minda Disiplin adalah minda kerjaya atau disiplin kerja; kita harus menguasai sekurang-kurangnya satu ilmu disiplin supaya mampu lalui satu penyelarasan dan penyelesaian masalah berkaitan dan harus dilakukan dengan cepat, tepat dan betul.

    Minda Sintesis adalah gabung jalin idea pemikiran. Kita tidak boleh melihat sahaja dan membiar sesuatu itu berlalu. Kita tidak boleh hanya membayang atau mengimpikan sesuatu tanpa mengambil tindakan; ia harus sesuatu yang baru dan bermakna.

    Minda Kreatif adalah kebolehan menemu ciptaan yang baru dan berupaya mencari jawapan pada sesuatu masaalah dan dapat diterima ramai.

    Minda disiplin, sintesis dan kreatif adalah kategori pengetahuan.

    Minda menghormati adalah menghargai perbezaan yang wujud diantara individu dan mampu bekerjasama untuk mencapai matlamat yang sama. 

    Minda beretika adalah melengkapkan diri dengan peranan dan tanggungjawab yang penuh tulus dan ikhlas.

    Minda menghormati dan beretika adalah kategori masyarakat.

    "I cannot teach anybody anything, I can only make them think" ~ Socrates

    "I have not failed a 1000 times ... Edison"

    "Whether you think you can or think you cant; you are right" ~ Henry Ford

    Toyota used Howard Gardner's theory

    Thank you !

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