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Bridge's Transition Model

Demonstrate an understanding of the Bridge’s Transition Model
State the step in the Bridge’s Transition Model
Discuss the application of Bridge’s Transition Model in organization
"Transition is the natural process of disorientation and reorientation that marks the turning points in the path of growth...transitions are key times in the natural process of self-renewal" ~ William Bridges

The Transition Model is one of the oldest change management models, created by William Bridges, published in his book Managing Transitions 

Bridge proposed there are three stages of change. That the change process is a journey. As people progress through this journey they move from endings, through transitions to new beginnings.

Bridge proposed that change happens all the time and it’s the internal process of transition that we can impact, rather than the circumstances.


  • When a change occurs, some things come to an end or things are done differently. These endings can be painful and confusing. People must come to terms with these feelings before they can move on.
  • If people are not able to let go of the past, they will take unnecessary points of resistance into the new situation.


These are the periods when people separate themselves from the old on their way towards the new. It’s a time of keen awareness of what is ending and what is beginning.

  • People are vulnerable and need support networks to help them move forward. This is the time for sorting out and getting the right emotional and attitudinal responses for success in the new situation.


  • People are now feeling good about the change and positive about the future.
  • True acceptance of the change can take place because uncertainty should have ended, people are now comfortable with new surroundings

The Productivity Dip

It is important to help people move through the three phases as soon as possible as productivity typically decreases through the Transition period.

This can also create a period of frustration and stress amongst team members as they learn new behaviours and adopt new processes etc.

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